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Guiding you on the inner path of real transformation and empowerment!

Kristin has studied traditional psychology, quantum mechanics, neurobiology, somatic experiencing, Jungian theory, trained Shamanically, explored a ton of different world religions, meditation, yoga, breathworks, many different thought leaders in the area of personal growth, and is a Master Facilitator of the Energy Codes.   These explorations have all been to further illuminate and answer the big questions in life.  Why are we here? How are we able to manifest the life we want? How are we able to transform through our challenges?

This extensive studied has clarified how she knows to orient and support clients in meaningful and real ways.  Her foundation rests on a perspective that our liberation is a matter of accessing and re-orienting to be living from an inside/out perspective.

Below is an excerpt of a course that she developed “The Bone Dance.” This excerpt explains her therapeutic foundation that we must reprogram our systems from an outside/in orientation to an inside/out perspective if we want to know freedom and empowerment.

“It has been my experience that we have been outside-in conditioned and predominantly taught to be mind oriented.  What this means is that we have been taught that if I have the “right” clothes, get the best grades, look a certain way, believe the right things, then I will be accepted and loved.  THIS ORIENTATION IS A SET UP FOR SUFFERING!  I have not been able to fully think or perform my way into the experience of life I want to have, and believe me I’ve tried!

I’ve had some great moments and even days strung together where I feel the love, peace, and joy that I seek, but then the weather changes, or I perceive that I have screwed something up either in my own eyes or someone else’s, and it’s back to suffering.

So if this outside-in orientation means inevitable suffering, then what’s the answer?  The first and absolutely necessary quantum flip is to an inside-out orientation.  This means that I AM my answer! I begin looking inward to manifest and work with generating and BEING the expression and experience that I seek.  

Sounds simple enough; be the love that I desire to experience! Hmmm, then how come just thinking that thought doesn’t necessarily generate the experience?  Answer: it is not a job for the mind alone, and it is ultimately not about seeking at all.  It is about being and embodying that which I seek.

So that contemplation compels the thought, as to what is in the way of a true experience and embodiment of love, and for that matter, any expression of myself I’d like to experience…peace, joy, freedom, abundance, passion, connection…?

This brings me back to the outside-in conditioning.  I have learned to wear many different masks.  The mask of mother, therapist, teacher, woman.  I have many physical identities.  I also have emotional masks of worrier, responsible, strong and sometimes weak, wise and then clueless….

My attachment to these identities, masks is a big part of the issue.  As I have decided that this is who I am or don’t want to be, then I get busy trying to adjust, change, manipulate myself to fit the mask I’m hoping to illuminate.  I just can’t seem to perform or think my way into being the love or anything that I seek.  There in lies the inherent issue.  Liberation cannot be tried or performed or identified with.  

My BEING is the answer. It is everyone’s answer.  We are innately enough just because we exist.  

Geesh, my mind and outside-in training wants to have a field day with this idea immediately.  It says, but what do I do then and what about all of the mistakes I’ve made?  How can I be enough by just existing?  I haven’t done anything to earn it, and how can that even be true?

All of the wisdom teachings and spiritual traditions have always been pointing to this as the dominant truth that the divine “God presence” is in all of us, and that essence is perfect.  Quantum Physics would say that we’re made of energy and all energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only change form.  We have say in the forms that we take, and it has everything to do with our orientation.

Outside-in we wear masks, are performers, and are in a perpetual state of suffering because of it.  In this orientation, it can be no other way.

Inside-out we settle into ourselves and learn to BE into life accepting and expressing out of our ISness.  In this orientation, we can finally be free!

So how do we DO BEING?  It’s actually quite simple."

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Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

"Everyone is innately powerful! We are alive at a time where science and spirituality are verifying our potential to transform and heal literally anything which is landing us in the empowered position to live a life that is better than we could dream. As we begin to understand how our whole system (mind, body, and energy/spirit) is working then, we are able to access the wisest parts of ourselves and choose how we would like to live. This inner journey is powerful and important work, so I offer a free 20 minute, in person, consultation to determine our therapeutic compatibility and to honor the process."

Kristin Zastrow Lukela is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has been in private practice since 2007 working with individuals, couples, adolescents,  and teaches workshops. She's most interested in how we can embody living fulfilling lives in very real ways. She specializes in working with issues surrounding anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, transition, mind/body awareness, awakening wholeness, meditation...

Additionally, she helped develop and is on the board of a company, The Inner Wisdom Community, created to further support transformation and empowerment.

Check out It is a conscious business that created to provide ongoing support for our evolution into wholeness!

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