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In addition to working with individual clients and couples, Kristin also teaches through The Inner Wisdom Community.  In order to ethically serve her clients/students, her disclosure statement “voids” the traditional rules of confidentiality so that she is able to work with people therapeutically as well as in a teaching capacity.

Kristin understands and holds confidentiality with all of her clients.  The disclosure statement allows for the flexibility of her having dual roles with clients/students. If you have any questions about this, please ask Kristin to clarify.


This short form begins the process of getting to know you!


We hope that you and yours are doing well and are continuing to stay safe as we navigate the
COVID-19 pandemic. We greatly appreciate all of your flexibility and understanding during this
time. It is important to all of us to continue to serve your needs, while doing what
we can to keep you and the community safe.
The following are the steps the therapist will be taking and the requirements for
all clients requesting in person therapy sessions:
1. All Clients and therapists are required to wear a mask while in the office . Please note that
we will not be providing masks for clients, so if you forget your mask you will need to move
to a Telehealth session.
2. Clients will not be permitted to wait in the waiting room. Clients will need to text their
therapist when they arrive in the parking lot and their therapist will let them know when they
are able to come directly back into their office.
3. All Clients requesting in person sessions must sign a waiver and email the waiver to their
therapist prior to their session.
4. If your temperature is elevated, you have a cough, are sneezing, feel you may have
contracted COVID-19 or have come in contact with someone who has or believes they may
have COVID-10, please let your therapist know and so you can schedule a Telehealth
5. We will also be checking the temperature of our clients upon arriving. If your temperature is
elevated (above 100.7) we will reschedule to a Telehealth session.
6. The therapist will be checking their own temperatures daily and will
reschedule all in person sessions to Telehealth sessions if our temperature is elevated.
7. Additionally, the therapist will be sanitizing the offices after each therapy session and any
high touch areas on a regular basis.
8. We will no longer be proving water and tea due to the inability to keep it sanitized and the
difficulty of use while wearing a mask
9. Lastly, if we learn of situation where it is possible someone may have come in contact with
COVID-19 we will return to an all Telehealth Platform for a minimum 14 days.

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